A guide to video production


You may already have a detailed brief for a promotional film or maybe you know you need video but don't know where to start. Either way, we'll get to know you, your organisation and your target audience really well.  We'll help you with writing a compelling script, deciding on a creative style and provide the resources required, as well as a detailed schedule for the shoot.


During the shoot, we'll bring the ideas we discussed on paper to life.  We'll arrange the camera crew, locations, studios, stills photographers, production insurance, and everything else to make sure everyone is put at ease and enjoys the experience. 


This is the editing stage where we'll assemble the shot footage and craft the film to tell your story.  We'll work closely with you to review and approve the initial rough cut and then fine tune each film by adding graphics, animated branding logos, sound effects and music to make your video memorable for your audience.


Once completed, we'll help advise you on the best format you require to showcase your film to your audience.  In addition we'll help you with ideas for using your video as part of your marketing or messaging strategy.