Our Work

Here is a round-up of just a few of the projects we have produced.  They include a variety of different clients from a Prince to a Duke, to CEOs of large corporates, small business owners, charities and on location at the movies too.

As well as documentary style storytelling, we can also provide infographics and animations and studio green screen work - whatever you require.

You can see testimonials from our clients, too, and many styles of films, some made using a one-person crew or more.

If you've got a specific style in mind, get in touch and we'll find some relevant examples to show you.

Enjoy the films!

Client - Invictus Games

Commissioned to produce an online advertisement, highlights film and personal message from Prince Harry for his first ever Invictus Games for wounded servicemen and women.  The videos achieved great success with tens of thousands of views on the website and social media platforms as well as being used to promote the games to potential future host countries.

From start to finish, I appreciated the way Red Spot Films devised concepts for discussion and asked specific questions to make sure the visual results also encompassed the key messages for the target audience, sponsors and many other stakeholders.
The final highlights film, featuring a personal message filmed with HRH Prince Harry, perfectly summed up the spirit of the games as well as generating tens of thousands of views and extremely positive feedback from supporters, staff and sponsors worldwide on a variety of digital platforms.
As creative director, Louise Mendonça is an extremely experienced and competent filmmaker who tackled the not always easy task of supporting the Invictus Games with great organisation and humour! Furthermore, she is brilliant with handling contributors in a sensitive way and I always knew this project was in very safe hands.
Not only would I recommend Red Spot Films to anyone needing high quality and creative video content, I look forward to working with them again in the future.
— Saf Chowdhury, Head of Marketing, Invictus Games

Client - Stand Down 

We love making films where the client wants something a bit different in order to make a difference. There wasn't a huge budget for this film by any means, but we used what we had creatively and with the help and good will of our actors, too. Look out for Emmerdale's 'Jason' - Samuel Edward-Cook, who also played 'Danny Whizz-Bang' in Peaky Blinders. He is joined by the equally talented Olivia Sweeney. The film was launched at the House of Lords. We also shot a Behind the Scenes on the day, too, which was another social media tool used to advantage by the charity.

I told Louise our story and simply added that I didn’t want the typical ‘talking heads’ style of video. Louise and her creative team worked their magic and I was blown away with the short drama produced. As well as being creative, she’s obviously passionate about bringing a team together and very clear about the end vision. We’ve had fantastic feedback wherever the film has been shown and it’s doing the job in raising awareness of PTSD and our charity and helping us to help serving personnel and their families. One message read: ‘I have just watched your video and as someone who is recovering from mental health illness, I was very touched by it - thank you for highlighting this in such an eloquently visual way.’
— Kyna Jeng, Founder, Stand Down

Client - Grosvenor Group

The Duke of Westminster is well known for his world famous property portfolio in Mayfair and Belgravia and developments all over the world.  The Grosvenor Group is is also a leader in 'placemaking' - thinking carefully about how people live, work and play in the urban environment around them.  The first Freiburg documentary-style film was shot in just 6 hours on location and the final video delivered 5 days later to give an example of placemaking and launch a new leadership programme for Grosvenor staff.  

Many films have been commissioned for internal leadership programmes and workshops as well as productions for external stakeholder viewing and for attracting the right talent to the company. A video library has been built up across many different departments saving on staff resources and budget for many projects. Here are just a few of the films produced over the last few years.

Louise and her team are just as passionate about our Placemaking vision as they are about producing films which tell our story.

Every new project has been well thought through and planned and the finished results have been perfect for our various audiences.
— Peter Vernon, Grosvenor Group Executive Director


Jan Gehl - People and Cities

We've loved working with Grosvenor and discovered so much about the importance of developing our cities in the right way that we asked the industry guru on this subject, Danish architect Jan Gehl, if we could make a film with him to celebrate his 80th birthday and 50 years of research. We funded the film ourselves and entered it into the TV/E sustainability film awards where it was nominated as a finalist!


GSFA In Association with Fastflow shortlisted entry.png

Client - Empress Global

A high profile mentoring and networking group for successful women.  Shot and edited by a one-woman crew (no men allowed!) over a long weekend in Paris.

We commissioned Louise to create a short film to promote our new business, ‘Empress’, a global collective for entrepreneurial women. We were impressed with Louise’s professionalism throughout - both filming the video and through the editing process. We were particularly appreciative of the fact that Louise met some very tight deadlines for us. As for the final product - we were thrilled. Louise had captured exactly what we wanted and conveyed the story, the emotion and the brand wonderfully. The finish was five star - in alignment with our five star branding. we have no doubt that the video will be a key part of our promotional strategy for attracting new members.
— Suzanne Dibble & Dr Joanna Martin, Co-Founders of Empress

Behind The Scenes Films - British Film Institute & Amber

You've probably seen 'Behind The Scenes' films on the extended features section of your favourite DVD. Viewers love seeing how films are made and filmmakers need to connect with their audience long before the final cut is produced and on the big screen. Here are a few examples of Behind The Scenes (BTS) films. The 'Amber' series of films have helped raised a substantial amount of money for its post production through a successful Indiegogo campaign via social media. 

Louise was commissioned to shoot a Behind the Scenes for our British Film Institute pilot ‘Truck’. She did her job superbly, was completely unobtrusive on a very technical shoot, but captured the essence of what we were doing. She used extremely high-end equipment for a BTS, but handled it with skill and ease. She was very easy to work with on the post-production, putting together a rough cut very quickly, and was very flexible about implementing the few additions and changes we wanted. The end result has been of great benefit in terms of showing how the film worked to our financiers, and we now have the full feature project in development with them.
— Rob Curry, Director

Client - Den Lennie, Producer, DP, Filmmaker Business Coach

Another style of Behind The Scenes, Den Lennie teaching documentary filmmaking on one of his trips to the UK from Australia. Den is very well known in the industry and trials equipment for well known camera and sound manufacturers including Sony and Rode.

Louise has an energy and talent that is hard to find these days in a world where everyone calls themselves a ‘filmmaker’. What makes Lou special is that she has been there and done it. A solid career in broadcasting combined with an infectious personality and genuine care to do a fantastic job. As well as an accomplished leader of her team, she shoots with great finesse and edits with pace, never forgetting the importance of storytelling, too.
— Den Lennie, Producer, DP, Filmmaker Business Coach



Client - Books at the Barn

A short promotional film produced to promote a new Oxfordshire venue for Books at the Barn.  We worked with the client to produce a storyline linking the high profile inaugural speaker with the new venue, resulting in a memorable opening sequence.  The music was composed especially for the commission - fun to shoot, particularly the opening sequence which may look familiar!

Client - BT

A video commissioned as part of an internal training overview of BT's UK Data Centres.  Delighted with the result, BT now also uses the film to promote their Data Centres to major potential clients.  

I want to express my sincere thanks for the superb quality, direction and production of our BT Data Centre video. It has been an absolute pleasure working with such professionals and my management team and our customers are delighted with the overall package. The sound and picture quality is excellent as is the aerial footage, and speaking with my colleagues and peers we would be delighted to work with you again in the very near future and would highly recommend your services to all our BT departments and lines of business.
— Will Williams, BT Data Centres UK

Client - The Hand at Llanarmon

Small businesses are realising they can't get left behind in the video revolution. Lower budgets don't mean lower quality or scope. It's all about being creative! This forward-thinking and fabulous pub and hotel commissioned this short film. A year later they analysed their media channel viewings in relation to room bookings from the previous year - the good news is that they had seen 12.5% growth that year as well as lots of good feedback about their film from visiting customers and huge ROI in comparison with a modest outlay for the film.

Motion Graphics 

See how plans come to life in situ with this clever motion graphic. We've just included this because we love it!